Data Analytics Consultancy Sydney, Australia

Peritum Business Service is a new and leading data analytics partner for Sydney, Australia small and medium firms.

Peritum is here to help small and medium firms in getting ahead of their competition and leveraging the leading BI tools in the marketing without paying hefty implementation dollars.

Who Can benefit from Peritum Reporting and Analytics Service?

Peritum works with a range of clients and industries in Sydney, and now expanding outside Sydney as well.
Your businesses can benefit taking advantage of our services

  • In implementing a new BI Suite in Microsoft Power BI or Tableau.
  • In switching from your old BI suite to Microsoft Power BI or Tableau.
  • In getting the best BI Suite without any implementation cost. Read More
  • In outsourcing you BI and Analytics services. Read More
  • In leveraging economies of scale without having high requirement. Watch me
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